Homeownership Via Home Investment Clubs

A Home Investment Club is the alternative capital development system and income producing resource that brings a halt to home foreclosures, and a restoration to home prices. To make it plainer than that is to understand the expression, your home is your bank! The club is a capital development co-op banking facility that incorporates its members. The members sell their stock among the membership to raise capital to acquire their homes.

The home investment club facilitates the homeownership dream to become a reality and then some…Club members become referral marketers at various levels of operation, and earn referral marketing fee income to pay their home mortgage obligations. Consequently, every individual member can acquire a home, regardless of income, credit, or employment. The clubs earn referral fees that sellers pay enthusiastically, for qualified buyers, with the required down payment and proof of income.

The objectives of the club are: to be a small business incorporation incubator and capitalization resource. Homeowners are indeed small businesses, that are locked down and subjugated by social economic shackles, the biggest being mortgage lenders. Buyers are forced to make a capital investment with wages, which means that they compromise their needs to save money for a down payment, only to lose it all through foreclosure.

There are no home buyers that can guarantee proof of income to qualify for a thirty-year mortgage loan. Quite frankly, the reason why banks aren’t making mortgage loans today is simply because applicants cannot satisfy the proof of income requirements. Could you guarantee payments to any lender for more than a few months? If a home is collateral for the note, how could a lender reclaim property, which is valued more than the amount due, and also keep the buyer’s cash down payment investment?

The only logical solution to this problem is home investment club capital (capitalization) leveraging that legitimizes the homebuyer as a business and develops capital to fund that capital investment. The club facilitates the membership home buying by coordinating the appropriation of leveraged dollars, to pay down the home principal, and any member can literally buy any home of his/her desire. This means that you are wealthy, once you are a member, but membership can be gained only by referral. Having access to this information does not guarantee membership to anyone until you have a sponsor who will incorporate with you.

Annual individual club membership cost one hundred dollars and club Charter ownership costs a total of sixteen thousand dollars, and this can be financed with a down payment of two thousand dollars cash outlay. Club ownership offers the owner our minimum and basic income package of one hundred twenty thousand dollars a year, and there is really no upward limit.
In addition, the benefits package includes a comprehensive family health care plan with dental care, life and disability income protection insurance, a basic family legal protection plan, and home mortgage payments. Club Chapter/Owner Presidents are required to complete a referral marketing business practicum, as part of the sponsorship process.

All Clubs are sponsored by FRIENDSFORLIFE INTERNATIONAL, and are permitted to adopt their individual Trade name, but they can do business as Elegant Living Home Investment club for an extra licensing, and fee. The clubs also provide a continuous community development service, free of charge for a selected number of participants annually. The program is in the club’s Visual Manuel under the headings PDP Oratory Forum.

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